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This May, the National Committee of EYP Hungary received a call for participants to the “EYP Outreach International” training from EYP UK. I filled the application form, answered the questions about my experience of EYP in schools and previous outreach events, and the reason why I would have liked to attend the event.

I had a personal motivation to go there too: I wanted to see my British friends again. I was the lucky one who could be the Hungarian representative of the event. The cost of my accommodation and my catering was paid by the hosting EYP.

The training was taken from 8 to 11 June in London, United Kingdom. I was so excited to take my flight on 7 June and go to London to meet new EYPers, and study a lot of things about reaching much more young people to EYP. The beginning of my travel was pretty adventurous: I left my photo maker at home, and the bus which I would liked to catch didn’t exist anymore. So I had to catch a taxi really quickly not to miss my flight. I was one of the last passengers to check in and get on the plane, but luckily I did it! :)

After a two-and-a-half-hour flight I arrived in London. One of my friends welcomed me at the airport; it was great to see him again. I was his and his girlfriend’s guest; they were really kind to me, as always. The other amazing thing was that I met one of my American friends again; she was the guest of this couple too. We had a lot of fun together. :)

The next day my friends took me to the centre of London, I checked in to the hostel, where the participants of the training were hosted. It was near Lambeth North within 20 minutes walking distance from the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and the building of the European Commission UK, where the training was taking place for two days.

The hostel was friendly, almost all of the participants were in one room, it was quite funny. :) The others arrived from the UK, France, Poland, Italy, Georgia, Switzerland, Checz Republic and Romania, we were quite an international group. We went out for dinner, and went to bed early, because everybody was so excited about next days’ events.

In the morning we woke up pretty early, had an English breakfast and took a walk to the EC of UK to start the training. We had some icebreaker games and then we started to work hard. We did some brainstorming about the main idea, and then started to work on a strategy about reaching more people for EYP. We always worked in different groups with different people, so we could get to know each other more. I really enjoyed working with them, because all of them were ambitious, hard-working and really kind. Everybody was about to help the others to get over their own difficulties. We also obtained some knowledge on how other countries’ EYPs work and how they have been building their EYP network in their countries.

All in all the training was amazing! I’m glad to be the part of this group, we call ourselves SHARE (Sharing Approaches to Reaching Out in EYP). We are still in touch and SHARE-ing our experiences with each other. Now I’m ready to expand EYP Hungary with the help of my great colleagues, and I just can’t wait to go to another event like this.

I’m thankful for the possibility.

Lilla Barta

Vice-President of EYP Hungary



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First Summer Forum of EYP Hungary PDF Print E-mail

EYP Hungary held its First Summer Forum in Győr between 16-19 June, the theme of the whole Session was the Danube Region Strategy.

Chairs and journos came from all over Europe: Croatia, Ukraine, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany.

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